काम का अनुभव

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Celebrity Relationship Manager

- Coordinated with Influencers from all over the country to set up their personal website
- Handled celebrity meetings and database management
-Respond and/or process inquiries of influencers regarding the platform
- Curated posts for Influencers




- Created a  financial aid model for the organization
- Researched the Education sector and created a report on new interventions in the education sector
-From the research built an educational program with a working and business model


Research And Analytics Intern

-Researched on SDG goals and how we can work towards them
- Prepared reports on the sustainable energy sector

-Presented reports 

- Collected database of leading companies which are working in sustainable energy sector

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Accounting Intern

-Entry of Sales and Purchase Vouchers in Tally
-Preparation of Final Accounts of Different Firms
-Assisting Clients In-Person and on Calls.
-Sorting and Organizing Paperwork.
-Assistance in Filing ITR of Various Individuals and Firms


Marketing & Sales Intern

 -Sales Generating Strategies for Outlook Group's Magazines using Corporate Promotional Activities & Online Internet Marketing.
-Maintaining CRM By Studying Consumer Buying Behavior Of Outlook Magazines.
-Role of E-commerce and CRM,Survey of Customer Perception and viability.


Teaching Intern

-Teaching the underprivileged and disadvantaged youths of various schools
-Assisting in activities that enhance the lateral and critical thinking attributes of our students

-Mentored kids which needed special help